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Welcome to Edo Tokyo Hostel!


Summer Special!

We are offering Weekday Special Price, ¥1,600 / night!! (Weekday only)

*Please write 'Summer Special' in the inquiry box of the reservation form.

Regular Price

1,600-1,980 yen / night ~. PRICE
Business Lisence of Edo Tokyo Hostel

Bed of Edo Tokyo Hostel


There is an arcade shopping street on the way from the nearest station. You can avoid rain. In the shopping street, there are grocery store, book store, 100 yen shop, rental video store, 24h open Izakaya, and so on. There are grocery store and convineince store near Edo Tokyo Hostel as well. Bus stop is right in front of the house as well.

Dining area of Edo Tokyo Hostel

Shinkoiwa station

Only 9 min. from Shin-Koiwa station on JR Sobu line.
30 min. to Shinjuku station without changing train.
13 min. to Akihabara station without changing train.
14 min. to Tokyo station without changing train.
20 min. to Ueno station.
Sobu rapid line and Chuo Sobu local line are available from the station.
Very convenient.

Reception of Edo Tokyo Hostel

Let's go to see Sumo!

Edo Tokyo Hostel is also convenient to visit Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall. It is only 4 stops (10 min.) from the nearest station. Once you get off at the station, it is 2 min. walk. Tokyo basho is held January, May, and September every year.
For detail: Let's go to Sumo!

Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall

Close to Akihabara!

It is only 13 minutes train ride fromo Shin-Koiwa sta. to Akihabara sta. (without transit) on JR Sobu line.
Akihabara is famous for electric town, 'Otaku (nerd)' town, and gourmet town.
Let's go to Akihabara!


About the house

The buildings are nostalgic looking. Built in Showa era and renovated.
Please respect the quality of the old house.
Also, one of the buildings is facing Sumo-beya (Sumo wrestler training house) and you may hear them training early in the morning. Please understand that it might disturb you.
53 min. to Haneda airport. 1 h 10 min. (without changing train) to Narita airport.
There is a bus stop right in front of Edo Tokyo Hostel.

Check-in Time
13:00 - 20:00
Basically outside hours are not accepted.
We require...
your passport.
Check-out Time
10:00 a.m. (Living room is available until 12:00 (noon))
Child(ren) with a parent is welcome. Please refer to our price page for detail.
Curfew / Light-out
There is no curfew.
Light-out of the shared room is 23:00. Please be quiet after 23:00
Shower room
The shower costs 100 yen / 15 min.

Long Term Stay

For long term stay, please check out Edo Tokyo Apartment(Private room). 39,000 yen / 30 days ~.
Other area in Tokyo, or Osaka and Okinawa, please check out TenTen Guesthouse!

Bed at Edo Tokyo Hostel


Bed at Edo Tokyo Hostel


Dining area at Edo Tokyo Hostel

Dining area

Security locker at Edo Tokyo Hostel

Security locker

Kitchen at Edo Tokyo Hostel


Toilet at Edo Tokyo Hostel


Entrance of Edo Tokyo Hostel

Entrance on the 2nd floor

Stairway to Edo Tokyo Hostel

Entrance on the ground floor (Stairway to Edo Tokyo Hostel)

Appearance of Edo Tokyo Hostel

Appearance of Edo Tokyo Hostel