Located at Edogawa-ku,Tokyo
Edo Tokyo HOSTEL


Introducing the price & Other information.

Fee (Dormitory)

Regular price
1 ~ 2 night 1,980 yen / day
3 nights ~ 1,600 yen / day

※Payments must be made in advance to get the discount.
e.g. If you pay for 3 nights on check-in, it would be 1,600×3 = 4,800 yen.
If you pay for 2 nights on check-in and extend one night, it would be 1,980×2+1,980 = 5,940 yen.
Child(ren) with a parent.
5 years old and younger: Free. However, if he or she occupy one bed by him/herself, it will be 50%OFF.
6 to 12 years old: 50%OFF.
13 years old and older: Full amount.

Early Check-in / Late Check-in

We accept late check-in only if you pay in advance by credit card.
You can drop your luggage before 13:00 but a staff won't be at the reception before 13:00 and the bed won't be ready so please come back in between 13:00 and 20:00 for check-in.

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